Writing a proper resignation letter

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It was the opening sentences of mays commentary that struck me between the eyes. "There is no reason, in principle, why the roman Catholic church, despite its enormous size and global presence, could not become a sect. Sectarianism is a matter of mentality, not size. The deep shock dominus Jesus caused in ecumenical circles consisted precisely in their exposure to the specifically roman Catholic form of fundamentalism". This put into words what I had unconsciously concluded but had not articulated. It is precisely this movement in a sectarian and fundamentalist direction with which I profoundly disagree. A person with a public commitment like a priest is bound in conscience to ask: Can I continue to co-operate with this kind of regime in the church? I feel bound in all honesty to say now:.

Suddenly you realise that, in conscience, you can no longer allow your name to be associated with what is happening. Of course, your judgement may be wrong, frighteningly so, awareness but the catholic tradition has always been that you must follow even an erroneous conscience. Certainly you must do everything you can to ascertain what is really happening and what your obligations are, but in the end you must be true to conscience. What helped to focus my mind was the article catholic Fundamentalism. Some Implications of Dominus Jesus for dialogue and peacemaking tourism by my friend, john DArcy may. The article is one of a series of essays in the book, dominus Jesus. Anstoessige wahrheit oder anstoessige kirche edited by michael rainer. Dj is primarily directed against those catholics involved in the wider ecumenism who have been trying to find common ground with the great non-Christian religious traditions. But dj also managed to offend many Anglicans and Protestants through an awkwardly-worded passage that was so obscure that many journalists incorrectly took it to mean that only catholics could be saved. The passage actually says that Anglicanism and the various forms of Protestantism are not churches in the proper sense(dj, paragraph 17).

writing a proper resignation letter

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But it was always an every-day decision to continue the struggle through the internal structures of the church. And tree there can come a moment when you decide that both conscientiously and strategically staying in no longer remains a viable or honest option. You realise that you can no longer collude in what is happening by remaining in the official priesthood. While important, life-changing decisions may seem sudden to outsiders, and even some times to the person who makes them, that is rarely the case. Such conclusions are more likely to be the product of long unconscious reflection on an issue. Slowly the connections, inferences and directional movement in which the internal and unarticulated argument has been progressing comes into consciousness. Often it will be a single event that focusses your thought and impels you toward a decision.

writing a proper resignation letter

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Claiming to assume the broader historical perspective, these churchmen have virtually abandoned the secularised masses, to nurture elitist enclaves which will carry the true faith through to future, more receptive generations. This is why the new Religious movements (NRMs) have received so much favour and patronage in this papacy. The nrms have embraced an essentially sectarian vision of Catholicism, are very hierarchical in structure and theologically reactionary. This is true of some elements in the catholic charismatic movement, and also outfits like opus dei, communion and Liberation, the neo-catechuminate and the legionaries of Christ, as well as a number of other smaller, less significant groupings. Over the years my public disquiet with increasing papal centralism and the erosion of the vision of a more ecumenical Catholicism is well known, especially in Australia. I have often been critical of the churchs leadership, perhaps too harshly at times, in books, broadcasts, talks and articles. I have been concerned with ecclesiastical narrowness and the de facto denial of catholicity. But i also constantly argued that it was only by staying in the priesthood that someone like myself could influence things and bring about change.

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writing a proper resignation letter

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Some times there is a hankering after a more genuinely catholic approach - as you find in John paul IIs encyclical Ut unum sint (1995 where he went so far as to ask the other churches for advice on papal primacy. But ecclesiastical reality indicates that this hankering is, in fact, merely ecumenical wishful- thinking, while the hierarchical reality is exclusivist. There have also been regular attempts to muzzle and condemn the discussion of issues such as the ordination of women through the use of a new category of doctrine. This has received its clearest expression in the apostolic letter Ad tuendam Fidem. The letter argues that there is an intermediary, second-level of revealed doctrine between the established and defined teaching that all Catholics believe, and what up until now has been called the ordinary magisterium. Before the introduction of this so-called second-level, all non-infallible or non-defined teaching was exactly that: doctrine that should be respected and offered various levels of submission of mind bibliography and will, but still ultimately open to debate, discussion and development within the Church community. What Ad tuendam Fidem has done is to introduce formally through this second-level a category of definitive but non-infallibly-defined doctrine.

Cardinal Josef Ratzinger says that this second-level teaching is, in fact, infallible. He says that it includes. All those teachings in the dogmatic or moral area which are necessary for faithfully keeping and expounding the deposit of faith, even if they have not been proposed by the magisterium as formally revealed. As examples of second-level definitive teaching he includes the condemnation of euthanasia, the validity of the canonization of a particular saint, the legitimacy of a papal election, and even the invalidity of Anglican orders. The gratuitous reference to Anglican orders is astonishingly maladroit and insulting; it reveals a real lack of ecumenical sensitivity. There is also an emerging unspoken assumption among some very senior church leaders that the contemporary western world is so far gone in individualism, permissiveness and consumerism that it is totally impervious to church teaching.

I increasingly feel that being a priest places me in the position of co-operating with structures that are destructive of that open vision of Catholicism and of the faith of the people who have embraced. If i am to be true to my conscience, resignation seems the only option. The fact that we are retreating from the vatican ii vision of Catholicism may not be everyones view of what is actually taking place in the church. I accept that, and i also accept that the tension between a broad, open vision of Catholicism rooted in living experience, and a narrower, static hierarchical view of faith, runs right through church history. It is my perception that at present many in the hierarchy and some laity are moving increasingly in this narrow, elitist direction.

Over the last few years I have watched with escalating concern as a series of documents have been published by the vatican, the last of which was the declaration of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, dominus Jesus (dj issued on dj, which. Dj gives voice to a wider movement that is slowly but pervasively turning the catholic church inward in an increasingly sectarian direction. It is this which concerns me most. Sectarianism is incompatible with genuine catholicity. It is the antithesis of the kind of openness to the world, tolerant acceptance of others and a sense of religious pluralism that most thinking Catholics have been formed in and have embraced over the last three or four decades. Thus many catholics find themselves involved in a corrosive disjunction between what they believe and have experienced, and the views expressed at the highest levels of the church. The reason is because those who claim to articulate catholic belief seem to be abandoning their catholic spirit. As a result there is a turning away from the other Christian churches, and a rejection of the search for common ground with the other great religious traditions. Thus more and more thinking Catholics who have been educated and live in pluralist, democratic and tolerant societies, find themselves in conflict with church hierarchs who seem to be moving in an ever-more sectarian direction.

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But catholicity also has a profound theological meaning. The recently appointed American Cardinal avery dulles, sj has a fine book entitled The catholicity of the Church (1988). Catholicity, he says, is characterised by (1) inclusiveness, which means openness to various cultures and opposition to sectarianism and religious individualism; (2) by an ability to bridge generations and historical periods; (3) by an openness to truth and value wherever it exists; (4). This is the kind of Catholicism that paper i, and many others, have embraced throughout our lives. Its foundations, which are deeply embedded in church history, were given modern expression in the vision of the church articulated at the second Vatican council in the 1960s. For Catholics like myself our benchmark is a church that is defined as the living sacrament of Gods presence and the place where gods sovereignty is acknowledged, expressed through a participative community of people dedicated to the service of the world and characterised by collegiality. It is precisely this image of Catholicism which I think is being distorted by many at the highest level in the contemporary church.

writing a proper resignation letter

Many people will justifiably ask: why? The reason is simple: I can no longer conscientiously subscribe to the fair policies and theological emphases coming from the vatican and other official church sources. While the reason is straight-forward, the decision to resign is the result of a personal and theological process. This, of course, is not a step that I have taken lightly and I have been considering it for some time. I will try to outline the reasons in detail. The core of the problem is that, in my view, many in ecclesiastical leadership at the highest level are actually moving in an increasingly sectarian direction and watering down the catholicity of the church and even unconsciously neglecting elements of its teaching. Since this word catholicity will recur often I will define. It is derived from the Greek word katholikos which means general, broad or universal. The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines catholicity as the quality of having sympathies with or being all-embracing; broad-mindedness; tolerance.

letter should be characterized by warm words, active voice, personal pronouns, and a natural or conversational writing style. Reflexive tone is often used when a letter is written to seniors or superiors for any kind of business or personal communication. It is a kind that conveys a request, a humble demand, or a softly expressed requirement. To achieve such a kind of tone, the letter should be written in passive voice with emphasis on solutions to specified problems. For more specific letter types, check. Die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem dienstanbieter in irgendeiner beziehung. Sollten markenrechtliche Probleme auftreten, wenden sie sich bitte direkt an den Domaininhaber, welcher aus dem Whois ersichtlich wird. Press release, 1 Februari 2001 by paul Collins, after thirty three years I have decided to resign as an active priest to return to being an ordinary catholic believer.

In such cases writer has the japanese power to make orders and the same is used in writing. The kind of letter should be characterized by active voice, optimism, and a direct approach. Impersonal tone can be sarcastic, envious, or insulting. The same sentence can convey different meanings when used with different expressions and tone. How the phrases and sentences are written define the tone and the way reader perceives the message. This is often used when a letter is written to create distances in a relationship or to maintain relationship on a strictly professional level. Such letters are often characterized by passive voice and a formal approach.

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Misc Letters, tone is an essential part of letter writing as it reflects the attitude of the writer towards the reader and to the subject as well. The words, phrases, statements, and the kind of language used in the letter clearly define the writers tone that to a great extent affects the reader. Anyone who writes should take care of the tone as it can leave a constructive as well as destructive impact on the readers mind and heart. The kind of tone can actually change the complete meaning of the declaration by just modifying or altering the inflection needed and emphasizing on certain words. Every word should be carefully chosen and the language should be promising and soft. When writing a writer should consider the kind of document and then take a wise judgment on what kind of tone should be used. For example, if it is a formal letter the tone should be professional, a condolence letter should have a somber tone, and a letter of invitation should have a welcoming tone. There are many options that can be used for letter tone, some of which are explained below:. Powerful or forceful tone is often used for granting permissions or for ordering subordinates and employees for specified tasks.

writing a proper resignation letter
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Bangalore : Facing problems with your boss at work? Third, you should then proceed to get your husband signed a letter of resignation.

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  2. The passage actually says that Anglicanism and the various forms of Protestantism are not churches in the proper. Home / Local Procedures / SeparationVoluntary. Resignation.to process separation paperwork once the employee has submitted their letter of resignation and it is acknowledged by the supervisor in writing ; when.

  3. If you still are unsure of what to write, your resignation letter sample should offer suggestions so that you can leave the company in the best light possible, and increase. Misc Letters Tone is an essential part of letter writing as it reflects the attitude of the writer towards the reader and to the subject as well. A, resignation, letter, template. If i am to be true to my conscience, resignation seems the only option.

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