Essay on visit to a flower garden

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Once there was a lawn in the side of our home. It was a vast space which was left just like that other than parking. I planned myself and laid a flower garden of my own. I have all seasonal flowers in my garden ; since i water them I take care of them like my little ones. I love to look at the flowers that are fresh after a new bloom. Every day as soon as I wake up I go to my garden and get some fresh air. The floral smell that enters inside me while i inhale is such a nice experience.

There we saw Bara dari. The path to that place was covered by creepers and blossoms. There was a circular tank with multi-coloured fragrant flowers. There was a very grassy plot. In the middle of that there was a fountain having beautiful lotus flowers. They were dancing with the blowing breeze. Now it was evening so, we left the garden unwillingly. Share this on WhatsApp, my, garden : we have a garden in our investors home, we have allotted separate space for garden behind our house. My mother brings in new saplings that we plant on our garden, i water the plants and trees daily. It is a great feeling to have a garden that we maintain on our own. My, garden : (Short, essay we have a flower garden at our home.

essay on visit to a flower garden

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When we entered the garden we felt as if we were in paradise, pollution of any type was unthinkable there. There were stone footpaths in between grass lawns having green velvet like grass., advertisements: There were many types of flowers all around. Their fragrant smell was there all around. The different types of coloured flowers were giving a very good look all around. There were bushes being cut into the shapes of different animals. There were rose flowers of different colours- red, pink, yellow, white and black desk of enormous size.

essay on visit to a flower garden

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It takes away all the worries and cares of life. This garden opens to the public every year in the month of February. Tranquillity and sublimity reign supreme there. Everyone wants to visit this garden. Advertisements: This year, with my friends, i went to see the mughal Garden in February. In a very jovial mood we reached there. The day was pleasant and sunny. There was no entry ticket. The gate of Mughal summary garden was soon in sight.

Ludo, carom board, chess etc. Then we took our lunch and after it, took a round of the whole garden to see different kinds of flowers. At about.m., we were much exhausted and came back to home with happy and joyful memories of our wonderful picnic. It was really the happiest day of my life. Mughal Garden is situated in Rashtrapati Bhawan, new Delhi. It is a garden worth all other gardens of loveliness and beauty. Our nose and eyes are richly feasted by this garden.

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essay on visit to a flower garden

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Garden to celebrate a picnic party. We had resolved to go there a day before. So, we packed our luggage and necessary things as well as Tiffin carriers and left for Bagh-e-jinnah at 11 in the morning. It was a very pleasant and cloudy holiday. We reached there at 11:30a.m.

Many people had come there to enjoy the beauty of nature. We entered the garden with great joy. The flowers were smiling and dancing in the air to express their excitement and thus adding beauty to the nature. The murmuring sound demon of the wind, the singing birds and the sweet fragrance of the flowers received us with open million arms. We sat under the shadow of the trees and began to play the different sports.

Meaning Of Hard Words Trim make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts soothe  gently calm (a person or their feelings). The benefits Of Gardening Gardening is good for your mind and body. By gardening we can truly go green to benefit the earth. A garden /landscaping design can be considered an investment for the future as it Increases property value. A vegetable garden will ensure customers of the freshness and quality of what they are eating.

Gardening and landscaping is truly becoming an art form. Planning, planting and watching your own garden grow can fill a person with satisfaction and pride. Theres a lot of natural motivation in gardening. Gardening can fight stress even better than other relaxing leisure activities. Essay / paragraph : a, visit, to a, garden / a picnic party / the happiest day of my life: for class 6,7,8, last Sunday, we paid a visit to the most beautiful and lush green garden of Lahore,. Garden which is also known as the lawrence.

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He helped me a lot in arranging the plants and taught me how to the take care of them. Now I have become an expert and manage time to water the plants properly and even trim them. It is great joy to me to take care of my plants myself. In my garden, rose, marigold, shoe- flower and mogra plants have grown tall and healthy. They have made my garden and my life colourful with their red, yellow, pink flowers. They refresh my mind, soothe my eyes and I feel glad and happy. All my family members praise me for. My garden is my favourite place in the house.

essay on visit to a flower garden

They also find pleasure in beholding their own creation. Conclusion: Gardening is very helpful, no doubt. So, english every family should raise a garden close to the house. Subject, write an English essay on, my, garden in your words, complexity. Easy, grade/Class 1st to 5th standard, number of words 100 words, age group 5 10 years. At my home, we have a balcony, with my room. Our balcony has quite big area that we have made a small garden there. My grandfather advised to make a garden area there. He suggested that I can grow plants in small flower pots.

them. People work in their gardens and thereby do physical exercise. So, their health remains well. They do not need to purchase greens and vegetables from the market. So, their money is saved.

Each bed is surrounded by an earthen elevation. There is a well paper at the middle of the garden. Some sections are meant for flower plants; some sections are meant for fruit trees; some sections are meant for greens; some sections are meant for vegetables; some sections are meant for medicinal herbs. People raise different kinds of vegetables in different season. Generally, they raise brinjal, tomato, pumpkin, gourd, snake gourd, bitter gourd, bean, pea, cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, spinach, radish, onion, garlic, ladys finger, yam, arum, patal and greens. Gardening: people spade the gardens, root out grasses, prepare beds, sow seeds, plant trees and water the plants. They keep the garden neat and clean. They also manure the gardens.

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Introduction: There are many kinds of garden, such as flower-garden, fruit-garden, vegetable garden, botanical garden and the twist garden of medicinal herbs. Almost all the Indians have vegetable gardens close to their ese are known as kitchen gardens. School too, have their own gardens for their students to work. Image source: g, general description: advertisements: every garden has a fence around. This fence is generally made of wood or bamboo. Sometimes green fence is raised round the garden. The garden is divided into some sections. Each section is divided into some beds.

essay on visit to a flower garden
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The most beautiful part of the garden is its flower -bed. These flower -beds make the garden a colourful place amidst the.

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