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Dissertations typically involve desk research and literature reviews, then case studies of individual companies or small scale primary research. This provides scope for originality of thought, research fieldwork and analysis and presentation of results. Learning teaching A comprehensive support package is provided to enhance students' learning and to ensure maximum student benefit during their period of study. This includes, but is not limited to: a package of essential texts for all core classes employability seminars and career counselling access to relevant databases a student/staff consultative committee providing an effective mechanism for student feedback throughout the year Students are also asked each year. The taught component of the course will be covered in semester 1 and. Both of these semesters will run for 12 weeks. At MSc level the dissertation is taken during the summer term. The learning and teaching methods will vary between courses.

It takes a global focus. This recognises that many key sporting events are increasingly taking place in non-traditional locations,. Dubai, india and plan China. Feedback from alumni and sports organisations suggests that there is a lack potter of suitably qualified marketing graduates and post-graduates who have the specialised knowledge and skill sets to perform in the sporting environment. This class attempts to address this problem. Retail Marketing Management This class assesses the role of retailing within the context of the overall supply chain and within the economy. The focus will be on global, as opposed to national trends and developments. This recognises that students who take this class come from a wide range of geographic regions and reflect a multi-cultural audience. Summer term Dissertation A good level of performance across both semesters and a satisfactory research Proposal are necessary for students to progress to the dissertation stage of the msc. The dissertation is your opportunity to study, in depth, a specific tourism marketing problem in an area of personal interest.

marketing management dissertation

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Marketing Communications is an exciting, vibrant and contemporary topic and the study of marketing needed communications can contribute to laying the foundations for future careers in marketing. This class will explore relevant marketing communications theories, consider the role and purpose of marketing communications, critically review constituent components of the marketing communications mix and consider how marketing communication tools are used in practice. In particular, the class will consider the need for and management of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and identify those factors that impact upon the selection, implementation and evaluation of effective imc. International Culture heritage marketing This class explores the marketing of cultural and heritage as resources in a global context. It aims to introduce students to the essential dimensions of culture, heritage and the arts as resources for many types of organisation, both private and public sector, in activities such as tourism, festivals and events, community redevelopment and corporate branding. The class brings together theoretical and practical dimensions which need to be understood by cultural, heritage and tourism managers if these resources are to be used responsibly and sustainably. Sports Marketing in a global Context This class covers the topic areas that will allow class participants to understand and apply core concepts and frameworks that are relevant in the field of sports marketing and management.

marketing management dissertation

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The class also aims at providing students with hands-on experience in the use of digital technologies for marketing purposes. Thus the class has a very practical focus. Export Marketing This class focuses on exporting, the market servicing mode most commonly adopted by small to medium sized enterprises and firms in the early stages of internationalisation. The class covers both export strategy and export management issues and examines the latest research in export marketing. Integrated Marketing Communications Marketing Communications, bridge the gap between an using organisation and its many stakeholders, provide a face and give voice to organisations. They can also help organisations build relationships and connect with their audiences and various stakeholders. Marketing Communications are recognised for their strategic and tactical roles in developing successful organisations, including commercial, not-for-profit, small and large sized firms.

The relationship between a company and a customer has many facets, which find their foundation in the experience the customer seeks. Leading companies understand that competitive advantage can only be achieved by managing multiple markets, not just consumer markets, but also supplier, referral, internal markets etc. These markets are crucial for creating a great customer experience and to maintain customer relationships. Customer experience is context dependent and consequently, companies uncover the key drivers of customer experience in individual market segments. Overall, the course introduces the experience-driven Relationship Marketing approach a modern approach of understanding and managing customers for the long-term both in the B2C and the B2B contexts. Customer Management 2 digital Marketing The major premise of this class is that customer relationships are in a period of rapid change: digital technologies, including the Internet, e-commerce and social media platforms, are moving the balance of power in relationships through customer engagement. This class aims at developing students knowledge and skills-based expertise in planning, implementing and managing successful e-marketing strategies. The students will be exposed to a synthesis of well- established digital marketing theories and the most recent academic research on e-marketing.

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marketing management dissertation

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The international airline and hotel sectors) before focusing on the sustainable management digital of key resources at destination level (e.g. Culture, heritage, sport and events). A theme running throughout the class will be the recognition by managers of the important role of tourism consumers in the co-creation of products, services and experiences and introduces students to the challenging management environment where tourism is produced and consumed at sources of demand. International Services Marketing Services represent more than a quarter of all world trade and the world market for services is growing at more than twice the rate of the product sector. Over the past two decades, academics and practitioners have become aware of the need to adopt a different emphasis when marketing services rather than products. Many companies producing products are turning to service to provide their differentiation. At the heart of this elective is the recognition that services present unique challenges, and that building customer relationships through quality service is fundamental to marketing success in every organisation.

The aim of this elective is to provide an introduction to the special challenges of Services Marketing with a particular focus on the international context. Programme compulsory Elective classes In the second semester, you must choose one elective class. Sector Studies This elective option focuses on a specific marketing sector in a geographical location other than the. In previous years students have travelled to a european city or a middle eastern location to study luxury brands, artisanal products and digital marketing within a cultural context. The specific content will vary according to the location and expertise of the academic staff. Contemporary consumers This elective class is designed to build upon the core consumer behaviour class by developing in-depth knowledge of current thinking in the discipline and by analysing a range of contemporary consumer contexts. Customer Management 1 The customer Management I course focuses on formulating and implementing customer management strategies and policies, a task undertaken in most companies at different strategic and operational levels.

Using core brand theories and concepts, this class reviews and applies brand strategies to a variety of business cases. The course is rich in branding theory and will put the theory to practice using branding applications to industry and reviewing key companies branding strategies. Semester 2 Compulsory classes Marketing Works: Group Consultancy Project The marketing Works project provides students with a challenging organisation-based, action-learning opportunity to advise a company on a marketing problem/opportunity. Students will consult their client-firms or client-organisations with the objective of delivering realistic recommendations which if implemented could reasonably be expected to help generate strategic marketing plans. The scope of the project is to allow students to work in groups to manage the project at hand, and communicate their outcomes to their clients. The groups are responsible for managing their relationships with their clients, and will be assigned a supervisor from the department who will oversee the students progress.

Find out more about the marketing Works: Group Consultancy Project and see what companies you could be working with. Dissertation skills In preparation for the dissertation an intensive three week course known as Dissertation skills is taught early in the 2nd semester, covering all aspects required for successful submission. By the end of this class, combined with necessary readings, students should be sufficiently prepared to undertake their dissertation, having submitted a research proposal, which requires a pass mark to proceed. Destination Marketing Management The destination is the core element of tourism supply. It is defined in spatial as well as cultural/symbolic terms and encompasses a wide variety of sectors such as hospitality, the built and natural environments, cultural heritage, entertainment, sport and retailing. The diverse nature of the destination and lack of central control implies quite specific challenges and responses in its management and marketing. This class will equip students with the skills necessary to engage with these. Managing tourism Resources This class provides an introduction to the structure and management of individual tourism organisations and attraction resources in the private, public and third sectors. It begins with an overview of key industries involved in the distribution of tourism products (tour operators, travel agencies, e-mediaries those that facilitate tourist transport and accommodation (e.g.

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International Marketing Research, marketing research and customer information provide key input to the development of tree a company's marketing strategy. The marketing concept is better implemented when information about the market, the competitors and potential buying behaviour is available. This class introduces the decisions and stages of the marketing research process, within the context of customer and market information now available from a wide range of sources including databases, loyalty cards and the internet. Brand Management strategy, this class provides a detailed understanding of brand theory and application of key brand strategies. Brands such as American Express and levis jeans will be reviewed. Aspects and theories of brand management will be presented and discussed in order to equip the student to manage effectively in a global brand environment. Students will gain a clear appreciation of the role of brand strategy within the corporations operating plan. This will entail consideration of environmental factors causing changes to the structure and composition of the brand portfolio as well as discussion of conceptual issues surrounding the strategic roles of brand management. A theoretical look at how a companys brand value is created and measured will be a key objective of this core class.

marketing management dissertation

One of the essay aims common to the msc International Marketing, msc Marketing and MSc tourism Marketing Management is to develop the potential of our graduates to become senior business managers who work in global markets. As such, the level of professionalism with which tasks are approached and the ability to solve complex problems logically, to work in groups and to communicate effectively are crucial. This class aims to develop these skills and in so doing, support the work in other classes, particularly marketing Works. The aim of this class is to enable students to advance their understanding of the strategic marketing management process, to develop their knowledge of marketing planning and implementing the strategic activities of marketing within organisations in order to succeed in competitive markets. The class provides an overview of discrete marketing tools used and theories and the fundamental terminology used in the field of strategic marketing management. In addition, the class aims to equip students with the analytical skills necessary to be able to implement and assess the outcomes of marketing decision making. Consumer Behaviour, understanding consumers is central to the business of marketing strategy. This class aims to move beyond the traditional focus upon the act of buying (buyer behaviour to focus on having and being as fundamental processes in value formation. Consumer behaviour in this regard is more than buying, it also embraces the study of how having (or not having) things affects our lives, and how our possessions influence the way we feel about ourselves and each other.

interviews and cv compilation and continues to support graduates for a year after graduation. Find out more about our careers service. There is a wide range of university social activities and clubs for students. The marketing department organises its own events in addition to the programme run by the International office of the University. These include:famous student ceilidh in October with Scottish country dancing, the marketing Works Grand Finale and Gala dinner in June, sporting competitions and events; students also sometimes organise an end of programme celebration themselves. Course content, the course offers a comprehensive introduction to marketing management within the International tourism Industry. The programme is fast paced, intensive and varied. The first semester of the msc/PgDip in tourism Marketing Management is dedicated to the study of four core modules designed to provide you with a rigorous introduction to strategy, marketing, consumers, branding and insight into research agendas that shape how we think about the sector. Semester 1, key skills, this class provides support for assessed classes by covering the skills associated with academic writing needed to complete the postgraduate programmes.

For many students, our dynamic programme provides many memorable experiences. The programme is organised in conjunction with independent specialists and provides the ideal chance to network with your colleagues and develop key management skills. Our you Department of Marketing is one of the oldest, largest and best marketing departments in Europe. Weve an international reputation for the quality of teaching and research. Our staff also as advisors to private and public organisations; some hold senior positions in the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the marketing Research Society and other professional associations. Were affiliated with the, chartered Institute of Marketing and the, marketing Society. Our courses are accredited by: aacsb.

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The msc tourism thank Marketing Management Programme offers a complete introduction to marketing management within the international tourism industry and prepares you with the knowledge and skills demanded by leading organisations worldwide. It reflects the dynamic and technologically innovative nature of contemporary marketing and youll gain insights into the technical and personal skills necessary to pursue a future career in tourism. Students in this programme come from a variety of academic backgrounds, with first degrees as diverse as physics and philosophy, and they always contribute a spectrum of perspectives, as befits a world leading masters programme. Undergraduate studies in tourism or Hospitality are not a prerequisite of this programme. What youll study, youll study seven compulsory and four optional choice classes. The course features a wide choice of elective subjects; many include international dimensions, reflecting the current diversity in global marketing practice. The course has many value added features including but not limited to: real-life learning through our live industry project, International Marketing Works high-calibre industry collaboration research excellence skills-based teaching, our students are truly international with representations from all parts of the globe which further enhances. Leadership team building, this is organised early in the first semester to enhance the development of leadership, teamwork and cross cultural skills.

marketing management dissertation
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