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R d department in Anam weaving mills have so much significance they are allowed to do experiments on fabric and create new qualities of fabrics and new design on the fabric pakistans government also support r d department of Anam weaving mills and give rebates. There are 10 employees working in r d department of Anam weaving Mills. Import and export department  is under i muhammad in this department they ensure and make all necessary documents and all legal agreement which are compulsory  for the export purpose all the fabric documentation are made by this department for export and import. This department manages all shipment dates schedules and tracking of the shipments, B/l, e-forms, and packing list. If anam weaving mills want any thing to be imported they send requisition to import /export department after approve from their senior managers and this department manage to import such goods. This department is under the control of i imran Sab and is responsible of maintaining quality of the fabric which is produced in the Anam weaving Mills this department use latest gadgets to check fabric quality count weft and warp of yarns in fabric and. These departments solve the quality related problems and maintain the quality according to the need of international standards. In Anam weaving Mills one of the highest important departments is mis department because its connected with all departments and cause of Anam weaving Mills 80 sales are on export base the mis department is become more imported when needed live communication through computers and.

About 500 workers work in Anam weaving Mills. Anam weaving Mills phd has one main head office in dha lahore which handel all the business of Anam weaving Mills. Marketing department Anam weaving mills like marketing manager is ran Khan. He makes all marketing plan and all the things which are related to marketing are under his hand and he perform his duties very elegantly and effectively. The main purpose of Anam weaving Mills marketing department is to introduce their products world wide and make good will of their products in the local and international market and make interest of the consumer and buyer towards their products of fabrics and to get. Marketing team developing an initial marketing plan and find targeted market and right customers and buyers of Anam weavings fabrics. Customer Relationship Management: Is also managed under marketing department. All the customers complaints and all the data mining process are taken in marketing department they work on 4 Ps of Product Price Place Promotion The product is fabric and they get the rates of all yarns, cottons and other stuffs and the make costing. Hr and r d are both departs are managed y the same person if Ali all the recruitment, downsizing process and all the social related this are under his control. This departments duty is to hire new persons who are good for anam weaving mills and fire old persons which are making and creating problem in anam weaving mills. All the companies social problem are solved by hr department in case of any dispute the employees contact with hr department for help and solution of problems.

internship exit report

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Anam weaving Mills are also specialist and license holder of Camouflage Print for. S.a europe and have ability and technical skills twist of making customers demanded and specified fabric. Anam weaving Mills is competing in local and international markets as well Some local competitors are Al Karam Textile Classic textile Shabbir Textile nishat Mills Limited. J textile mills Limited Kohinoor Textile mills Crescent Textile limited There is a perfect competition and lots of competitors are in market. Some International compotator countries are India china turkey srilanka bangladesh The head office of Anam weaving Mills is in Lahore dha phase 3 and the production unit of Anam weaving Mills is also in Lahore on 20 km feroz pur road Lahore Anam weaving also. Virtual university Internship I did my internship in head office of Anam weaving Mills located in 257 Y block commercial Area dha phase 3 Lahore. This is the main office which handle all the accounts marketing finance and all other necessary things this office building has two floors and one basement accounts, marketing and accounts departments are in basement and export, quality check and all other departments are on ground. Head office control all the transactions and provide all necessary things for production unit and all salary and wages are also accounted in main office. Anam weaving Mills is a very large organization and the structure of Anam weaving Mills is complex some of the major parts of the organizational structures are described below.

internship exit report

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Organization is equipped with all new machinery of textile looms like air jet loom technology with latest model machinery. Provide business small volume in terms of finance. Anam weaving Mills business volume is increasing day by day because the good quality and good repute in the cotton fabric market of the world anamweaving is one of the major exporters of cotton fabric in pakistan. Anam weaving Mills approximately annual production is 25 million square meters of fabric per annum. Anam weaving Mills average annual business volume is 370 million pakistani rupees. Some of the major product produced by Anam weaving Mills is 100 Cotton fabric Poly cotton Cotton Viscose poly viscose lycra and bottom wear. Fabric weaves Plain/Canvas/Duck dobby weaves Blended Fabrics Anam weaving Mills also deal in all kinds of pocket lining fabric.

Anam weaving Mills is ideally located near Lahore city and is about 3045 minutes drive from airport/nearest 5 star hotels. A leading greige, processed fabric and home textiles manufacturer cum exporter in pakistan since 1992. Anam weaving Mills have brand new Air Jet machines omni 800Picanol in various widths (190cm, 220cm and 340cm also Anam weaving Mills are maintaining Sulzer shuttle less weaving machines of 390cm width. Our targeted market is usa, canada and Europe. We are currently supplying our fabrics mainly to us market, canada, south Africa, germany, uk, sri lanka, bangladesh and far Middle east. Directors of the anam weaving mills are well experienced devoted and has their third generation involved in textile field. Anam weaving Mills make fabric from yarn and send to the export house which sale the fabric and make revenue for organization. Anam weaving also deals on custom based inquiry, clients send the sample of fabric and Anam weaving Mills make the fabric according to the need of customer. Anam weaving Mills major clients are from us and European countries about 500 employees are working in the anam weaving mills in different department as salary base and contractor base.

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internship exit report

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Anam weaving can also offer quality home textile products as complete stitching operation is carried out in house while the grey fabric is dyed/printed at renowned dying and printing mills. Anam weaving Mills was certified for quality management System iso-9002:1994 on February 5 ter successful implementation and certification of iso-9002:1994 the system was effectively upgraded to iso 9001:2000 in January 2004. Management takes keen interest in implementation of iso standards which are being maintained at all reason levels of the organization. Apparel textiles (Pvt) Ltd., lahore (woven Garments Manufacturer ). . Stylers International (Pvt.) Limited (woven Garments Manufacturer exporter). . Shabbir Industries, karachi (weaving Unit of Specialized Fabrics) Machine used for warping Machine used for sizing hacoba nzb-d 1000 v creel Model 1997 Origin: Germany sucker muller we origin: Germany air Jet Picanol Omni Plus 8ulzer Ruti Shuttle- less Projectile looms pu p7100 Models (re-enforced).

Inspection, grading and packing of the fabric of fabric is done on international standards with attention to detail on customers requirements. Quality control procedures are carried out at every stage during production and each aspect is scrutinized and controlled keeping in view customers individual quality standards. Anam weaving mills achieve the best seller award in 2005 from aptma and achieve all short term and long term goals. Anam weaving Mills have good name in the market of textile and Anam weaving mills achieve good will in market and customers. Anam weaving Mills strive to achieve the quality at perfect level. . The entire satisfaction of customer thesis is our key point. . Anam weaving Mills believe in teamwork and continuous improvement at every level.

38 Structure and functions of marketing department:-.1 Marketing Department hierarchy:-.2  Number of employees working in that department:-.3 Major responsibilities and functions of the marketing department .5 Structure and functions of Accounts department:-.7  Number of employees working in that. Critical analysis  40 Visions statement  40 Mission statement  40 Comparing and evaluation of Vision statement from current scenario:- 40 hr strategies:  40 Comparing of hr strategies  41 Bonus:  41 Incentives:  41 Increments:  41 Awards:  41 Medical Insurance:  41 Low price:  41 High quality:  42 maintenance. swot analysis  43 strengths  43 1) Brand name:- 43 2) Large cotton product range:- 43 3)  iso, mody and all Certification:- 44 4) Latest Machinery:- 44 5) Famous in market:- 44 6) Hard working workers:- 45 7) New product line in market:- 45 8) Access. Competitive profile matrix (cpm - 56 Competitive profile matrix (CPM) of anamweaving mills  56 Explanation of the above cpm matrix of anamweaving mills:-. . bcg growth-Share matrix:- 57 anamweaving mills bcg growth share matrix . .

Porter five forces analysis:-. . Conclusion . . Recommendations  65 Reference and sources:  67 Annexes  67 Anam weaving Mills. Was established in 1991 as a woven grey fabric manufacturer to cater domestic as well as export markets. . Top management of Anam weaving comes from a group of companies already well established in the field of Textiles since 1956. Initially most of the production was consumed by group companies to fulfill greige requirements for piece goods, garments/apparel and made-ups. However, in a very short period of time since its inception the anam weaving mills pioneered in manufacturing of quality fabrics and recognized by customers as specialists in production of difficult and tricky weaves. Front look of Anam weaving Mills Unit Today the anam weaving mills has become choicest one stop shop for specialized greige goods for customers in domestic as well as major export markets like usa, canada, europe and Far Eastern countries. Anam weaving can offer not only grey fabric but also finished fabric for bottom wear, processed at leading dye houses meeting customers standards.

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There are power load shading issues now a days in pakistan which are destroying the organizations like anam weaving Mills. The mis department report of the Ana weaving is very efficient they developed softwares for marketing and account department to increase their performance and support all departments in every aspect regarding mis and computers and emails they have separate servers for internet access management, files management. Marketing department is also very efficient they make marketing plan and implement it effectively and make the goodwill of anam weaving mills all products. Scan copy of Internship Competition Certificate . Dedication v, acknowledgment 1, executive summary 2, chapter 1 .1 Brief history of anam weaving mills . Certifications 13, group Companies 13, machinery setup Preparatory 14 Inspection, testing, folding packing 14 quality control 15 Achievements 15 anam weaving mills quality policy 15 Production Facility .2 Nature of the organization .3 Business volume .4 Product lines .5 Competitors . Organizational structure of Anam weaving Mills .1 Organizational hierarchy chart .2 Number of employees .3 main offices .4 Introduction of all departments 20 hr department: 21 r d department: 21 Export / Import department: 22 quality management department: 22 mis department: . 30.1 Department hierarchy .2 Number of employees working in the mis department .3 Major responsibilities and functions of the mis department .4 mis departments Support to other departments:- 35 mis support to marketing Department:- 36 mis support to quality management Department:-.

internship exit report

Who help me to refine my Internship report and pointed out weaknesses in summary organization. My mother, who give me strength and motivate me to complete my studies and my internship report. My brother Zohaib Shouket. Who provide me pictures i used these for the visual requirement that I needed for the Internship Report. This report describe my internship in Anam weaving Mills which is a textile mill and its do business in textile sector from a long time pakistani textile market is counted on 8th biggest fabric market in the world. I did 8 weeks internship in Anam weaving Mills mis, marketing, and accounts department. The major focus was on mis department I learn windows installation, lan wan and other software and troubleshooting during this internship. Anam weaving Mill produces and export the cotton and all other type of fabrics all the policies are according to the need of vision and mission statement except the control and power all the powers are given to upper management and lower management and employees.

Organization: Anam weaving Mills. Name: vu id: Session:  Spring 2010, date of report: University: Virtual University of pakistan, i dedicated all this work to  to my mother who has been my biggest supporter and and my brother Muhammad Zohaib, and  to all my loyal  friends who have stood. My teachers who give me strength to study and really help me in all problems related to study and social life. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following groups and individuals to the development of my Internship report: teachers of Virtual University: Who directed me to a wide range of resources on the web and provide interactive help in moderated discussion boards. . Answered all of my questions as well as asked me questions in quizs that helped me to narrow my search. Further, they helped me figure out correct documentation and proper formatting in ms word.

Tim's research, sponsored by the acsn research award, concerned conjunctive watermanagement in Alberta. The nto in Edmonton has liaised with Environment and Sustainable resource development, connecting Netherlands businesses and research institutes to Albertas Department of Environment and Sustainable resource development (esrd) on environmental topics including oil sands tailings and water technologies. Alberta and the netherlands are since, successfully working together on a number of water initiatives including a collaborative groudwater modelling project involving several parties (The netherlands, Alberta Innovates - energy and Environment, Alberta geological Survey, and Environment and Sustainable resource development). Tim's paper is prepared within this collaboration framework, as part of a six-month Masters Internship; three-month with the water policy Branch of Alberta Environment and Sustainable resource development and another three-month with the water Initiative at the University of Alberta. The paper is now available upon request. Free 24/7 assistance, you need our assistance? We are at your service. No matter what day it is, no matter what time it is, we give first priority to assist our customers. Download, sample internship report, dOC:.6 kb pdf:.3 KB (3 pages) (.4, 23 votes ).

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Full Answer, the first section of an internship report includes an introduction. This section of the internship report lists thank the name and the address of the company that supervised the internship and the main focus of the internship, such as a microbiology department or a video editing room. The second section is called the "Discussion of Projects." Within this section, the individual lists her main responsibilities, such as conducting lab experiments, editing news videos or writing feature stories. The individual might also want to include how her skills contributed to the overall success of each listed project. The third section of the internship report summarizes what the individual learned throughout the internship experience. It includes paragraphs detailing how the experience reinforced the individual's career goals or influenced the individual to redirect her career path. This section also includes any new work perspectives gained from the experience that derived from her needs being met or not being met in relation to what was required of her throughout the internship. Learn more about Business Communications. In 2013, tim Donkers, ma student at Wageningen University and Research centre, was an intern at the netherlands Trade Office (NTO) in Edmonton.

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  1. I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following groups and individuals to the development. And exit barriers. Sample template for the. GS204, internship with Industry.

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  3. This year, we are implementing our internship programme once again. This section of the internship report lists the name and the address of the company that supervised the internship and the main focus of the. Internship, report -management Virtual University of pakistan (VU) Complete Procedure. Internship, report with Ohio river Valley water Sanitation Commission".

  4. Internship, report, on Supply Chain Management of Banglalink. Internships in supply chain require outstanding problem-solving ss and an analytical. Then the next thing that would be bothering you should be about writing an internship report as you are required to submit a thorough report after. Practice in Velvet care.

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