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Explain the relevance of property institutions in general, and different types of property institutions in particular. Do you agree or disagree with Schmidtz about the importance of property institutions? Whether you agree or disagree, be sure to consider the strongest possible opposing view. (Long) Cycle 2 you have more choice in this cycle. Lymann Different theories of morality can lead to similar conclusions for different reasons. Singer believes that an animal's capacity to suffer is morally significant. People with different theories, though (Hill's for example, or leopold's) might agree that factory farming is wrong. Contrast Lyman's perspective on why factory farming is wrong to peter Singer's, or to your best attempt to explain why it is wrong in terms of leopold's "Land Ethic" What arguments might one use that the other(s) would not?

(Search the web for information. Cite your sources properly.) What are people in that country doing to solve the problem? Bailey: Aboriginal Property rights (do only one) Why does data on aboriginals provide relatively direct evidence on the structure of an optimal system of property rights? What is remove special about agriculture such that it nearly always takes place on private property? What are some exceptions to this? (This would be good for a short paper.) even if the cost of enforcing property rights was negligible, a system of no communal property might not be optimal for aborigines (or us). Explain in considerable detail. (This would be more appropriate for a longer paper.) Schmidtz: Property (do one only) What is the problem of original appropriation? Explain in your own words why someone concerned with inequality in the modern-day united States might also be worried about original appropriation. (Short) How do people in the real world avoid and/or solve commons tragedies?

daily assignments

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Hardin: toc (do one only) What are some of the conditions that can lead to a tragedy help of the commons situation? Give one or two examples from Hardin and explain the general features these situations share. Then give two examples from your everyday life. This could work for either a short or a long paper-a longer paper would require more explanation of your examples. One solution to some tragedy of the commons situations is to privatize the resource that is in the commons, thereby changing the incentive structure. Give an example of a situation in which it is morally unacceptable to privatize the resource. In general, when is privatization of the resource acceptable, and when not? Is overpopulation an example of a commons tragedy? For a longer paper, discuss a particular country's overpopulation problem.

daily assignments

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Do we consume too much? Too much for what? For a longer paper, explain your own view, and defend it against the most reasonable objection you can think. (If, in the end, you want to modify the view with which you started, you should feel writing welcome to do. One way to write a paper is to start with a simple version of your thesis, then develop it into a more complex form.) A superficial read of Milbrath would give us the principle "We should minimize our consumption a superficial read of Sagoff says. In your own words, but using these two people's papers as a starting point, design a modified principle that captures the insights from these papers and that you believe to be more appropriate to the way you personally ought to live your life. This would be suitable for a short paper, but could perhaps be a longer one.

Outline Schmidtz's argument that preservationism doesn't always preserve. What are the best arguments you can think of (or find in your reading) for and against his position? Do you think that it is acceptable to cull elephants? Make sure you offer and address arguments that counter your position. (suitable for a long paper). What is a keystone species? Why are elephants considered a keystone species? Is the fact that elephants are a keystone species relevant to whether it is okay for us to cull them? (Why might someone think it is relevant?) (short) Cycle 3 questions Sagoff: Consumption (do one only) Compare and contrast Milbrath and Sagoff.

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daily assignments

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Why has it failed, according to rao? What is the alternative, according to rao? Do you see any general lesson here? (probably short, but could be long if you can provide an in-depth discussion of the issues) Guha. What are the four components of deep ecology, according to guha? Describe guha's critique of these.

Why might it not be a good idea to conceptually divide the world into wilderness for and non-wilderness? What does Guha think, and why? What do you think? In your own words, describe guy grant's predicament. Do you think this is a real problem?

Defend your answer, both by discussing other authors where they are relevant, and by defending Schmidtz's view against the strongest possible opposing view. Cycle 4 questions, sen. What are the three ways in which women have been viewed in population control programs (according to sen)? In your opinion, are any of these ways problematic and how. You can pick one way and expand on that for 2-3 paragraphs, or you analyze each of the three ways?

Is it acceptable for population programs to offer birth-control methods that have not been approved by regulatory agencies for use in Northern countries? When might it be appropriate to insist that programs in southern countries be held to the same standards as programs in Northern countries? Present both sides of the issue, in each case giving the best argument you can think of for that side. (could be short or long). The deccan development Society has succeeded with women's groups but not with men's. Discuss rao's reasons for this and offer your own. What do you believe could account for success with the women's groups but not with the men's? What features of a group might make success more likely? Exactly what problem was western engineered seed suppose to solve on the deccan Plateau?

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What is the environmentalists' dilemma, according to norton? Explain with reference to the sand dollar example. Short If you choose to make a long paper of this, you should a) go into greater detail in your setup of the problem, b) discuss Norton's resolution to the problem, and c) discuss one or two other authors we have looked at and show. Schmidtz: Natural make Enemies. What is the difference between a conflict in values and a conflict in priorities? Explain the theory and provide at least one original example. Why does Schmidtz say we need to put people first if we care about wildlife and nature? Give schmidtz's reasons and then analyze needed them.

daily assignments

Schmidtz: a place for Cost Benefit Analysis. Kelman thinks that cost-benefit analysis presupposes utilitarian moral philosophy. What does this mean and why does he think it? Why does Schmidtz disagree? Be sure to explain the idea in your own words, giving an example might help demonstrate understanding. Compare and contrast Kelman's and Schmidtz's views on when cba is appropriate. Kelman gives examples of when cba is inappropriate. Would Schmidtz agree that cba is inappropriate in these cases? Norton: The Environmentalists' dilemma fragile Freedoms.

or not to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge (see recent news stories). How might such an individual reason in deciding what to do? How would Kelman criticize this reasoning? Is Kelman concerned simply that cba may get the wrong answer, or is that only part of his concern? Be sure to provide a thorough description of what cost-benefit analysis is and discuss the major elements of Kelman's theoretical critique. For this essay it's important both to understand the theory and to be able to correctly apply it to a real-world example long.

Matt's Advice and, assignments and Grading and, tips. Phil 323 Honor Code, i warrant that: a) I have done the assigned reading, b) the attached page of written work is my own work. If I have misrepresented the truth regarding any of the above parts of the assignment, i realize that (in addition to not being eligible for course credit for the assignment) i am in violation of the University's Code of Academic Integrity and subject to the. I also realize that such violation warrants penalties internal to the course, such as being dropped from the course with a failing grade. Write on your assignment page: I have read the Phil 323 Honor Code and I warrant that i am in compliance. If for some reason you have to deviate, acknowledge that you are deviating. Writing Assignment questions, cycle 5 questions, cafaro: Cafaro believes that an appropriate conception of 'patriotism' would include appropriate concern for the land. Does he believe we have equal responsibility to a child in Africa and one in Tucson, or to a tree in Africa versus one in Tucson? Why or why not?


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daily assignments
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